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Puppy Programs

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AKC STAR Puppy Course

$250 for 6-weeks plus a 7th Orientation Class at the Beginning of the Course

The AKC STAR Puppy course is a comprehensive program designed to provide a strong foundation for your puppy's training and development. This six-week course follows the guidelines set by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and is tailored to meet the specific needs of puppies aged 12 weeks to 1 year.Our experienced and certified trainers are dedicated to helping your puppy become a well-mannered and confident companion. Through positive reinforcement techniques, we focus on building a strong bond between you and your puppy while teaching essential skills and behaviors. Our goal is to create a positive learning environment that encourages your puppy to thrive and succeed.During the AKC STAR Puppy course, your furry friend will learn fundamental obedience cues such as sit, down, stay, come, and walking on a loose leash. We also address common behavioral issues like jumping, chewing, and housebreaking, providing you with effective strategies to manage and redirect these behaviors.In addition to obedience training, the course emphasizes proper socialization. We create controlled opportunities for your puppy to interact with other puppies and people, ensuring they develop excellent social skills and become comfortable in various environments. We focus on teaching your puppy to greet people politely, handle gentle examinations, and respond appropriately to distractions.Throughout the course, you will receive valuable guidance on puppy care, nutrition, exercise, and health. We believe that a holistic approach to puppy training includes addressing their overall well-being and providing you with the knowledge and resources necessary to raise a happy and healthy dog.Upon successful completion of the AKC STAR Puppy course, you and your furry companion will have the opportunity to earn an AKC STAR Puppy certification. This prestigious recognition demonstrates your commitment to responsible dog ownership and sets the stage for further training and participation in AKC events if desired.Join us at Hero Hounds for the AKC STAR Puppy course and give your puppy the best start in life. Together, we'll lay the foundation for a lifelong partnership based on trust, respect, and shared understanding.

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Beyond The Basics

$250 6-Week Course

Take your puppy's training to the next level with our Beyond the Basics Puppy Course. This specialized program is designed for puppies aged 4 months to 12 months who have already completed a basic obedience course or have a solid foundation in obedience cues.Our experienced trainers will build upon the skills your puppy has already acquired, focusing on refining their obedience, strengthening their impulse control, and introducing more advanced cues and behaviors. Beyond the Basics is the perfect course for puppies and their owners who are eager to continue their training journey and achieve new levels of obedience and reliability. During the Beyond the Basics Puppy Course, we will enhance your puppy's obedience by reinforcing and fine-tuning essential cues such as sit, down, stay, and recall. We will introduce more advanced cues like heel, leave it, and go to your mat, taking their training to a higher level of precision and responsiveness.In addition to obedience, we will focus on building stronger impulse control in your puppy. We will work on exercises that teach patience, self-control, and the ability to focus in distracting environments. These skills are vital for your puppy to navigate real-world situations calmly and confidently.The course also addresses common behavior challenges that puppies may face during their adolescent stage, such as jumping, leash pulling, and selective listening. Our trainers will provide effective strategies to address these issues, helping you overcome obstacles and maintain a harmonious relationship with your growing pup.Socialization remains a crucial component of the Beyond the Basics Puppy Course. We will continue to provide opportunities for your puppy to interact with other well-behaved dogs in a controlled and supervised environment, further enhancing their social skills and ensuring they become confident and friendly adult dogs.Our trainers are committed to supporting you throughout the course, providing guidance, personalized feedback, and addressing any specific challenges or goals you may have. We believe in creating a positive and supportive learning environment that encourages growth and success for both you and your puppy.Take your puppy's training journey to new heights with the Beyond the Basics Puppy Course. Together, we'll unlock your puppy's full potential, strengthen their obedience, and deepen the bond between you and your canine companion. Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure of advanced training and watch your puppy thrive!

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Private Lesson (Virtual Or In-Person)

$75 Per Hour In Person, $50 Per Hour Virtual, $350 6-Week Lesson Pack In Person, or $325 6-Week Lesson Pack Virtual

Experience personalized and focused training with our Private Lesson program. This one-on-one training session with our certified trainers offers a tailored approach to address your specific training goals and challenges, ensuring efficient progress and a customized training experience for you and your dog.

During the Private Lesson, you will work closely with our experienced trainer who will provide individualized attention and guidance. We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your dog's current abilities, temperament, and specific training needs. Based on this assessment, we will create a personalized training plan that aligns with your goals and suits your dog's unique personality and learning style.

Whether you're looking to address specific behavior challenges, refine obedience cues, or teach advanced skills, our Private Lesson is designed to meet your training objectives. Our trainer will guide you step-by-step, demonstrating proper techniques and providing hands-on assistance to ensure you understand and execute the training exercises correctly.

The Private Lesson allows for focused attention on your dog's training progress, ensuring that they receive immediate feedback and reinforcement. We use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desired behaviors and build a strong foundation of trust and understanding between you and your dog. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to continue training effectively beyond the session.

In addition to addressing specific training goals, our Private Lesson also offers an opportunity for you to ask questions, seek guidance on general dog care, behavior management, and receive expert advice on any concerns you may have. We believe in providing a comprehensive training experience that equips you with the tools and knowledge to nurture a happy and well-behaved dog.

Private Lessons are ideal for those seeking individual attention, customized training plans, or for dogs with specific training needs. They are suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds, and training levels. Whether you have a new puppy, an adult dog, or a rescue dog, our Private Lesson program can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Invest in your dog's training journey with our Private Lesson program. Through personalized instruction and expert guidance, we will help you and your dog achieve your training goals, strengthen your bond, and create a harmonious relationship built on trust and effective communication. Get started on your training journey today and experience the benefits of one-on-one training!

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